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Genova Smart Week V Edizione

From 25.11.2019 (Весь день) to 30.11.2019 (Весь день)
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From November 25th to 30th 2019 Genova hosts the V Edition of the Genova Smart Week, a week of events, meetings and initiatives dedicated to the Smart City. This year event is sponsored by Associazione Genova Smart City and Comune di Genova, with the organizational support of Clickutility Team.
This new Genova Smart Week edition boasts a large participation by the operators and the experts which work in that area at national and international level; its purpose is to act as a collector for the good practices which companies and institutions are developing and experiencing for the sustainable growth of territories and to analyze the technological tools and the innovative ideas for the creation of a smart city and on a human scale. 
Palazzo Tursi is the main seat of the event: it is the Genoa Municipality's seat, where the general secretariat will be staged.
Move App.Expo, Event Partner of Genova Smart Week will be hosted on: Monday 25th November at Palazzo della Borsa della Camera di Commercio di Genova; Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th November at Salone del BergamascoPalazzo Tobia Pallavicino della Camera di Commercio di Genova.

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