Liguria Travel Show - 2019

From 25.10.2019 (Весь день) to 27.10.2019 (Весь день)
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In October 2019, from the 25th to the 27th, Genova will be glad to announce the first Ligurian tourism fair named Liguria Travel Show. It is a big fair dedicated to tourism and to the excellence of the region, and it will take place at the Magazzini del Cotone.
Liguria Travel Show is organized by Confcommercio Genova, Matrimoniexpo and LMStudios. This huge fair has been created to promote Genova and Liguria in general, both in Italy and abroad: beauty, locations, food and wine products, highlights and the versatile tourist offer dedicated to families, youth, couples and to silver age. 
During these three days a programme full of events and exhibitions is planned for the tourists: that will involve the whole city and allow to discover the beautiful Ligurian territory, also thanks to the discounts offered by the Genoese hotels.
Moreover the exhibition is supported by Regione Liguria and Agenzia in Liguria, and sponsored by Comune di Genova, Camera di Commercio di Genova and Convention Bureau.

Liguria Travel Show is divided into:
* Four exposed thematic areas: Tourism collection (travel agencies, tour operators, shipping companies, transports, istitutions, municipalities, hotels etc.), Wedding area (all the wedding professionals and the best of the wedding product), Silver economy (real estate agencies, third age facilities, wellness, health, activities), Freetime outdoor (tours, food and wine, excursions, outdoor activities, pets, healthy etc.)
* Two experiential areas: Food & Showcooking, with performances and tasting of typical products; Sport & Fun, that is all the sport activities provided by the territory, both sea and land (diving, bike, walking, climbing, golf, sailing etc.)
* One area dedicated to youth and jobs: here there will be the possibility to go for a job interview and bring their Cv’s to those agencies who are looking for staff in tourism, marketing, communication and social networks. 
* One room dedicated to high level training workshops, dedicated both to professionals and to youth, to learn how to improve the tourism product, learn new territorial marketing’s techniques, how to work with social networks or how to transform the passion for travel into a web job.

Liguria Travel Social:

At the event there will be also influencers, bloggers, travel bloggers and travel vloggers. Moreover, in October the contest "Liguria Travel Social" will be launched: it is an open contest for photographers, videomakers, social media experts (both amateurs and professionals) and they will have to tell about Genova and Liguria with an Instagram story as they like, also tagging Liguria Travel Show. The best stories will be rewarded during the event. 

Entrance is free and open to everyone, except for the training workshops; also every other event offered in the city will be free, except for museums and local attractions, which will give conventions and special discounts to the visitors of the fair. 

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