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PNS 2019

From 21.06.2019 (Весь день) to 26.06.2019 (Весь день)
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The Peripheral Nerve Study Group (PNSG) had its origins in a meeting organized by A. K. Asbury in Carville, Louisiana, in 1974. The success of the meeting led to the formation of the Peripheral Nerve Club, later changing its name to the PNSG, to bring together clinicians and basic scientists interested in peripheral neuropathy and the neurobiology of peripheral nerve. Meetings were held every two years, successively.

The PNSG became affiliated to the Research Group on Neuromuscular Diseases (RGND) of the World Federation of Neurology and the members of the Executive Committee of the PNSG were ex-officio members of the Executive Committee of the RGND, responsible for organizing the quadrennial International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases.

The Peripheral Neuropathy Association of America was formed in 1983 with the intention of sponsoring meetings devoted to areas of development in the field of peripheral nerve disease. In 1990 the Board of the Association voted to change the name to the Peripheral Neuropathy Association (PNA). In 1994 the Peripheral Neuropathy Association and the Peripheral Nerve Study Group amalgamated into the Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS). The Society sponsors scientific meetings on a periodic basis. The Society has a membership and the activities are directed by a Board.

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