• New Year's Eve 2020 in Genoa


New Year's Eve 2020 in Genoa

From 29.12.2019 (Todo el día) hasta el 01.01.2020 (Todo el día)
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Giusy Ferreri will be the star of the last day of the year, preceded by the Boomdabash (30/12) and Gabry Ponte (29/12) plus, every day, music from rappers and youtubers. A 3 day party leading Genoa into the new year offering music for all tastes.

New Year in Genoa will be a fantastic outdoor party, which this year will last three days and offer residents and tourists a varied and original concert program, starting Sunday December 29 and ending, naturally, on the night of San Silvestro (New Year’s eve).

Piazza De Ferrari will be transformed into an outdoor stage for three days, for a thrilling musical start to 2020, featuring a succession of singers, DJ’s, youtubers and rappers.

The proceeding will be directed, animated and conducted by Alberto Pernazza, who many will remember as a member of the group Ex-Otago and is now also a columnist on radio and TV with a long experience as a trend-setter, and expert in fashion, music and costume. He will be seconded by Dj 7 & 8 of the famous Giovanni Carrara as resident DJ.

Events will kick of with “Mates” on Sunday, December 29th at 8pm, who have the task of opening the three-day celebration. The group founded in 2015 thanks to the meeting of Anima, St3pny, Surry and Vegas, internet stars who, in 2018, were joined by Jayden, the humanoid mascot with the appearance of a panda, in the role of music producer.

21.30 will be the moment of the music of Gabry Ponte, world famous DJ, record producer and radio presenter, who has been animating Italian and other clubs since 1993, climbing the national and international dance rankings and winning prestigious prizes in the music recording world, including several platinum records. Gabry has collaborated and worked with many important music artists: in 1998 he began his collaboration with Maurizio Lobina and Jeffrey Jey (Gianfranco Randone) with whom he created the Eiffel 65, leaving the group in 2005. Since 2000 he has released dozens of singles, as well as collections with remixes and three EPs, establishing his role thanks to the sale, every year, of millions of records.

Monday, December 30th at 8 pm, the protagonists will be “Awed” and friends, a trio of young youtubers - Simone Paciello, aka Awed, youtuber, writer and actor; Riccardo Dose, also a youtuber and actor who has made irony and parody his distinctive characteristic; and the final member of the group Amedeo Preziosi. The trio of young artists are all very famous, loved and closely followed on the web by a young audience: for example, Awed’s channel counts 2.2 million subscribers with 588 million views of his videos.

The day continues, at 9.30 pm, with “Boomdabash”, a pop-reggae group from Puglia, ho have been active since 2002 on the Italian music scene. Boomdabash have played in many of the best and most prestigious European and Italian reggae festivals, including Rototom Sunsplash, the Arezzo Wave and the MTV New Generation Contest. Thanks to numerous collaborations with other artists such as Fedez, Bluebeaters, Alessandra Amoroso, J-Ax, Sud Sound System, Alborosie and Gentleman they continue to consolidate their position on the Italian music scene. In 2018 their song "Barracuda", featured Fabri Fibra and Jake La Furia and "Non ti dico no" with Loredana Berté. In 2019 the band participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song "Per un milione ".

On the last day, Tuesday 31 December, the appointment of the long New Year's Eve includes a surprise star who will precede the real highlight of the evening, at 10.30pm the party will go live with an artist who needs little presentation, Giusy Ferreri. The artist from Palermo was the protagonist of the 1st edition (2008) of the Italian talent show "X Factor" and rapidly established herself as a recording artist with a number of Eps, so far she has participated in three editions of the Sanremo Festival 2011, 2014 and 2017 with respectively “Il mare immenso”, “Ti porto a cena con me” and “Fatalmente male”. In 2015 her song "Roma-Bangkok", in which she duets with Baby K, was a summer hit, something that was repeated in 2018, when she won (together with Takagi & Ketra), the Wind Summer Festival 2018 with “Amore” and “capoeira”.

On all three evenings, during the interval between shows, some milestones in rock history will be relived via the stage screens, starting on Sunday 29, with the Woodstock concert of 1969, followed on Monday 30 by the 1971 film Pink Floyd in Pompeii and finally, on Tuesday 31 December, the 2016 Rolling Stones concert in Cuba.



Celebrations for the new year will also take place in many other city locations, here are some of the events (the program is constantly updated):



The three-day festival will not only see performances in the square, Genoa is indeed a city of art that offers exhibitions and museums housed in buildings of extraordinary beauty, such as the Museums of Strada Nuova, located at Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Tursi, included in the list of the Palazzi dei Rolli, Unesco World Heritage Site.



And then there are the great exhibitions of Palazzo Ducale, the cultural display case of the city. Such as the one, in the Loggia degli Abati, that pays homage to the great American director Alfred Hitchcock 120 years after his birth. Through photographs and videos the visitor takes a fascinating journey backstage of Hitchcock’s most important films produced by Universal Pictures, discovering curious details about some of the most famous scenes, the special effects use, the actors and director's private lives. A section of the exhibition is dedicated to a fundamental ingredient in the success of Hitchcock's films: the music. Finally, an in-depth section features the link between Alfred Hitchcock and Liguria (in fact a scene from the movie "The pleasure Garden" was filmed at Genoa’s Maritime Station).

Or the exhibition “The second principle of Banksy”. works by an artist called Banksy. Where war, capitalism and freedom are some of the issues investigated through the works of the internationally renowned street artist. The exhibition includes paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures and rare objects, many of which will be exhibited for the first time. It is enriched by an infographic on the chronology of the artist, extensive historical records on the works with photographic documentation, wall texts with quotations from books, original «black books» and posters of his exhibitions, counterfeit banknotes as well as balloons featuring the expression "I am an imbecile" used in Dismaland and videos.

Finally, the third major exhibition is “The Twenties in Italy. The age of uncertainty”; a journey to investigate, interpret and better understand that crucial historical moment through the plastic and pictorial arts of the period. In parallel with the exhibition there will be the possibility to participate in a "Dinner with murder" scheduled for the evening of the 31st at Palazzo Ducale which will project the visitor into that elegant and fascinating world, enlivened by tensions and rivalries underlying the “classic” thriller murder mystery.



Celebrating New year’s Eve, Porto Antico will host a big orchestra! From 10 pm Porto Antico will be animated by a night of music and entertainment for all with the symphonic concert of the Fiati della Città di Cinquefrondi Orchestra, introduced by Max Repetto, and the guest star Andrea Carlini for an amusing live show.

After the midnight toast, there will be a dj mixing music until dawn.

At the Porto Antico you will also find that 19th edition of the Circumnavigando Festival Internazionale di Circo e Teatro until January 6th. This year "Fool immersion" of the crazy and engaging festival will entertain the spectators with incredible circus shows.

On New Year’s Eve at the Porto Antico you will also find a Ferris Wheel, an ice skating ring and the special events of La città Dei bambini e Dei ragazzi, but also the Acquario di Genova and many restaurants.



Celebrate the end of the old and the arrival of the new year immersed in the magic of the sea: the special proposal of the Aquarium of Genoa returns for New Year's 2020. New to this edition is the special JUNIOR New Year at the Aquarium dedicated exclusively to children aged from 5 to 11. An opportunity for families to celebrate together, but with separate programs for adults and children.

New Year's Eve at the Aquarium starts at 8.00 pm with a visit to the exhibition to discover the nocturnal life of the aquarium's inhabitants. Guests can enjoy a welcome cocktail and continue the evening with the Grand Dinner and the midnight toast in the splendid setting of the Cetacean Pavilion. With a program parallel to that of their parents, 5-11 year olds will be able to participate (with the support of expert guides) at special laboratories & activities and the junior buffet dinner reserved for them in the Blue Hall, for a New Year's Eve edutainment, between fun and discovery of the marine world.

For reservations, info and costs contact C-Way tel. 010 2345666; email info@c-way.it.

To allow the preparation of the spaces, on 31.12 the Aquarium will close at 4.30 pm, with the last entry at 2.30 pm.



Genoa’s theatres also offer various original ways to celebrate the end of 2019: on 28 and 29 December 2019 the Politeama Genovese Theatre hosts the classic Christmas musical "A Christmas Carol". From the pen of Charles Dickens comes the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich but extremely mean businessman, who has turned his back on everything that is not related to money and profit but is eventually redeemed thanks to the visit of three ghosts on Christmas Eve.


Wednesday 1 January 2020 at the Teatro Carlo Felice, at 4 pm, the irresistible Janoska Ensemble accompanied by the Orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice will take to the stage for a New Year's Concert to remember, an event to end the year with a beautiful experience and a good auspice for the year to come.




Dal 10.10.2020 (Todo el día) al 11.10.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 15.05.2020 (Todo el día) al 17.05.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 26.03.2020 (Todo el día) al 19.07.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 29.12.2019 (Todo el día) al 01.01.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 08.12.2019 (Todo el día) al 06.01.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 01.12.2019 (Todo el día) al 31.01.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 29.11.2019 (Todo el día) al 02.02.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 22.11.2019 (Todo el día) al 20.03.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 31.10.2019 (Todo el día) al 06.02.2020 (Todo el día)
Dal 11.10.2019 (Todo el día) al 12.01.2020 (Todo el día)

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