• Rolli Days, May 2019: streets and palaces to live

  • Discover Genoa in one hour - Itinerary Discovering the Carmine district

  • Genoa's Forts and Walls

  • Historic Shops - itinerary no.1

  • Historic Shops - itinerary no. 2

  • Historic Shops - itinerary no.3

  • The historic aqueduct

  • Paganini Opera: concert and tour in the Museums of Strada Nuova

  • Paganini Opera: concert and tour at Villa del Principe

  • Paganini Opera: Palazzo Ducale Concert and Tour

  • Discover Genoa in one hour - Itinerary Medieval Genoa

  • Historic Shops - itinerary no. 4, Ancient Pharmacy Sant'Anna

  • Il Quartiere del Carmine

  • Audio guides to the Historic Centre

  • A treasure hunt for families in the Historic Centre

  • 24 hour card

  • 48 hour card

  • Genoa walking tour

  • The magnificent Genoese residences of the 1500s

  • Nativity scene in Genoa and its surroundings - itinerary no. 1

  • Nativity scene in Genoa and its surroundings - itinerary no. 2

  • Prodotto test

School trips

School Trips

Genoa is expanding its horizons toward new concepts and forms of tourism, aimed at a younger, curious audience that sees travel as a unique tool for acquiring knowledge and new experiences.

Art, history, nature, the sea, the mountains, traditions....the city offers countless options for an visit that is engaging and exciting as well as educational and is sure to remain engraved on the minds of students.

 Our specially designed services

  • Custom-designed programs;
  • Organisation and booking of guided tours;
  • Organisation and booking of field trips and guided hikes;
  • Booking of visits to Genoa's museums;
  • Ordering of free maps of the city and other descriptive material at special rates for schools and groups.
  • Sale of audio guides for independent visits to the historic centre at discounted prices for groups.
  • Geocaching opportunities to explore the historic centre and learn how to use the technology (GPS device hire available)
  • Sale of cut-price tourist tickets for travelling around the city on the public transport network (buses, underground, lifts, and funiculars):
    24-hour "GENOVAPASS" city ticket for 1 person € 4.50
    "GENOVAPASS" city ticket for 4 people € 9.00.
    For more information about public transportation: www.amt-genova.it

To request information or to book one of our services, please contact us by e-mail at info@visitgenoa.it.