Strada Nuova Museums

Since 2004 Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Tursi – the three historic residences owned by the Municipality in the Strada Nuova, which was built in the 16th century - form a unique exhibition itinerary dedicated to ancient art, the Musei di Strada Nuova: Palazzo Rosso, historic residence of the Brignole Sale family, and Palazzo Bianco, seat of a prestigious art gallery, have been open to the public since the end of the 19th century; Palazzo Tursi is now the seat of the city Municipality but, by the Administration's will, it is destined also to cultural, museum and  activities and to high representation functions.

The union of these three palaces shapes a continuous tour, in which every building maintains its proper historic features and collections, and was able to turn the 16th century street Strada Nuova (now called via Garibaldi) into a true “street museum”, a masterpiece of Genoese architecture and residential culture and into the seat of a cultural institution unique for its dimensions, features, quality and prestige."


Orario invernale (10 ottobre - 26 marzo)<br /> dal martedì al venerdì 9-18.30<br /> sabato e domenica 9.30-18.30<br /> Chiuso: lunedì e 25 dicembre<br /> <br /> Orario estivo (27 marzo - 7 ottobre)<br /> da martedì a venerdì 9-19<br /> sabato e domenica 10-19.30<br /> Chiuso: lunedì<br /> Venerdì 30/3; 6 e 27/4; 4 e 25/5; 1 e 22/6; 6 e 27/7; 3 e 24/8; 7 e 28/9; 5/10: orario 9-21<br />

Useful information

In autobus: fermata Piazza Fontane Marose - fermata Piazza Portello

Opening days and hours:
Orario invernale (10 ottobre - 26 marzo)
dal martedì al venerdì 9-18.30
sabato e domenica 9.30-18.30
Chiuso: lunedì e 25 dicembre

Orario estivo (27 marzo - 7 ottobre)
da martedì a venerdì 9-19
sabato e domenica 10-19.30
Chiuso: lunedì
Venerdì 30/3; 6 e 27/4; 4 e 25/5; 1 e 22/6; 6 e 27/7; 3 e 24/8; 7 e 28/9; 5/10: orario 9-21
The facility is accessible to the disabled