Public Transports


City Buses, Lifts, And Funiculars

The city's public transport service is run by AMT and allows visitors to get around easily thanks to its extensive network connecting the entire city: this complete, integrated system includes buses, an underground, funiculars, and lifts. 

139 bus lines winding through the city's streets from West to East, from Voltri to Nervi, and through the Polcevera and Bisagno valleys;

1 underground line linking the area of Rivarolo, in the Polcevera Valley, to the city centre, with seven stations that come out onto Genoa's striking tourist sites;

2 funiculars (Sant'Anna and Zecca-Righi) connecting the centre to Genoa's high grounds;

1 rack railway, a historic system dating back to 1901, from the Piazza Principe station to Granarolo

10 lifts, rising up the hillsides to connect the centre to the beautiful hills of Genoa;

1 narrow-gauge railway a historic line linking Genoa to Casella (ferrovia Genova Casella) a small town in the hinterland, running through superb scenery;

Tickets can also be purchased at newsstands, tobacconists and many other shops and bars.

Single ticket: € 1.50, valid for 100 minutes throughout the entire city network.

Tourist tickets: sold at IAT (Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica) Tourist Offices

Genova Pass, valid for 24 hours, € 4.50, allows the holder to travel throughout the entire city network with one ticket;

Genova Pass x 4, valid for 24 hours for 4 people.

Blocks of tickets are also available at a discounted price, along with weekly, monthly, and annual passes to save on transport costs.


Genoa also offers a connection between the train station FS Brignole to the Cristoforo Colombo Airport, named Volabus.