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The City of Genoa takes the utmost care to publish quality, up-to-date information.  However, with respect to the large variety of sources used, both within and outside of the institution, and the large number of pages available, please be aware that some information may become outdated or unreliable over time. We therefore recommend checking the date of the last update published of the page being viewed, when available. 
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Privacy and use of cookies
The City of Genoa ensures that the processing of data received by email or via electronic registration forms is compliant with the regulations stipulated by the current legislation on privacy. (Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003).
This site also performs statistical surveys using the Google Analytics tool, which uses cookies and other parameters of analysis, in accordance with the procedures defined by the document concerning the general Rules on privacy and by the specific document regarding the use of information collected by Google Analytics.

Use of the source code and style sheets (CSS)
The use of presentation semantics or programming created directly by the working group of the city of Genoa's Campus della Città Digitale (Digital City Campus), is permitted provided that the comment line embedded within the code itself, concerning the copyright statement and the internet address of the city website, remains intact, where present.

Privacy Statement
The new privacy Rules (Italian legislative decree  196 of 30 June 2003), which entered into force on 1 January 2004, introduced a rationalisation of the previous regulations on personal data by adopting the EU directives.

Among other things, the Rules define the roles of the subjects involved in the processing of personal data with greater clarity: the data controller, the data processor, and the recipient.

The data controller is the subject in relation to whom the person concerned may exert his/her rights and the subject to whom decisions made regarding the purposes and methods of data processing can be attributed: in terms of the City, the controller is the same Public Administration legally represented by the Mayor.

The processors of personal data contained in the databases existing in the different organisational structures that constitute the city system are the directors and managers of Directorates, Organisational Units, and Territorial Departments.

Managers shall be responsible for identifying the data recipients, in relation to the departments reporting to them.
The City may process personal data in order to carry out its institutional activities.

The processing of personal data that fall under the category of sensitive and legal data can only be performed if authorized by express provisions of the law.
If the law only specifies purposes with pertinent public interest, the public isntitution must identify and publicise the data types and the actions that can be performed.

The City has identified and publicised the data types and the processing performed on sensitive and legal data with the Regulation approved by decision of the City Council n. 123 of 20 December 2005, and supplemented by decision of the City Council n. 46 of 17 June 2008, and related appended files.

In terms of more general security requirements, as the controller of sensitive and legal personal data processed by means of electronic tools, the City has adopted the periodically updated programmatic document on security.

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