"No crib here is equal to another ... all differ in size, in wealth [...] Genoese nativity scenes are the joy of Christmas ... Christmas has not lost its original meaning here. It is only the celebration of childhood and hope for men of good will. The crib is the triumph of the Genoese: from Christmas day on, they go to visit them one after the other. They have three weeks to make their pilgrimage. [...] and the crowd parades incessantly in front of so much splendour ".

Thus wrote Henry Aubert, fascinated by the tradition of the nativity scene in Genoa and its surroundings.

Genoa, a city rich in history and culture, is deeply linked to its most ancient traditions. Known for its tradition of nativity, born around the beginning of the seventeenth century and developed incessantly and extraordinarily over the centuries, Genoa established itself, next to Naples, as one of the most active centres in the production of nativity figures.

A guided tour, in Italian and in English, to discover the tradition of Christmas nativity scenes in Genoa, to use funiculars and to visit some of the churches in the Old Town. At the end of the tour, tasting of the typical Genoese Christmas sweet: Pandolce Genovese.



3.30 p.m. departure from the Tourist Information Centre, Via Garibaldi 12R
Ascent by Sant'Anna funicular
Visit to the Nativity Scene of the church of Sant'Anna
Visit to the Nativity Scene of the church of Padre Santo
Visit to the Nativity Scene in Sala della Trasparenza (Palazzo della Regione)
Visit to the Nativity Scene of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo



• Thursday 26 December 2019 • Saturday 28 December 2019 • Monday 30 December 2019 • Friday 3 January 2020 • Monday 6 January 2020    
At the departure of the visit, partecipants will receive a coupon for a discount to the entrance fee of Palazzo Reale and Presepe del Re
The guided tour lasts around  2h30 hours –  it is recommended to be there 15 minutes before the departure time.

Price: € 14,00 – free for children up to 6 y.o.

The purchased items will not be refunded in any way. A refund is foreseen only in case the service is not provided for reasons directly attributable to Comune di Genova.


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Price: €14,00

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