Genoa is a city closely bound up with tradition: in its historic centre, countless old shops can be found that have been in businesses for many years.
These historic shops are located in centuries-old buildings woven into the fabric of the historic centre, the architecture, decor, tools and historical documents show that many of them have a history stretching back at least 70 years, and in some cases as long as two centuries; confectionery, tailors shops suppliers of the royal house of England, where tailors make ties by hand, tripe shops, pharmacies and many others.

To preserve this enormously significant heritage, a "Regional Register of Historic Shops” has been drawn up, listing businesses that have been in operation for at least 70 years and that meet a whole series of requirements set down by the Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici (Department for Architectural Heritage).
39 shops are already on this list and many other businesses are pending assessment by a team of experts.

The charm of the historic shops that Genoa has retained as a few other Italian cities, is part of the attractiveness of the tourist town ... "to go to" shops in the alleyways and small squares is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Every Friday at 3.30 p.m. a guided tour will lead through the old shops passing by the streets of the old town, with a quick stop at the most important monuments and an outdoor explanation of historical shops; each visit includes also the entrance in two old shops and a tasting experience.

The itinerary 1 includes some of the Historical Shops in the area of Sottoripa and Castello with tasting at Cantine Moretti in via San Bernardo and Romeo Viganotti in vico Castagna.

The tour leads to the Mercato Orientale (Oriental Market) in via XX Settembre.  Following the suggestive explanation of the guide, visitors can walk around the colourful stalls of the market, among the flavours and aromas of local products and spices. A stop at the MOG, the market's raised ground floor, restored and returned to the city, is foreseen; a suggestive area dedicated to gastronomy to experience local flavours and traditions.

Tour starts at the Tourist Information Office in the Porto Antico area (Palazzina Santa Maria, via al Porto Antico 2)

Itinerary no.1 schedule: Soon new dates for 2020


The tour, foressen in Italian and English, will take place in two languages with a bilingual guide

Price: € 14,00 (except where otherwise specified) – free for children up to 6 y.o.
Tickets can be purchased on line and at Tourist Information Offices


You can show up at the tourist information office IAT in Porto Antico 15 minutes before the departure of the tour, bringing your confirmation voucher.
The purchased items will not be refunded in any way. A refund is foreseen only in case the service is not provided for reasons directly attributable to Comune di Genova.

In the event of a ‘red’ weather alert, following the Mayor's order, the tour is not guaranteed. 

Reference code: BS001
Price: €14,00

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