Genova Creativa

Genova Creativa is a project founded by the City of Genoa to promote creativity among the young, as well as the development of the art industry in the city.

Established under the European project Creative Cities, of which Genoa is a partner, the project has allowed for the creation of a network featuring artists active in every field of creativity, from the figurative arts to graphic design, as well as music, theatre and the performing arts. Alongside GAI, (Giovani Artisti Italiani), a database of young Italian artists, Genova Creativa has also created a database of artistic companies and figures who organise creative events and occasions.

In addition, the website of the Genova Creativa project hosts information on public and private competitions and calls for bids, scholarships and opportunities for young artists throughout Italy and beyond, along with events organised by artists and operators in the city.

The artists of Genova Creativa stage exhibitions and events in the Sala Dogana of Palazzo Ducale.

The Genova Creativa website is currently in Italian only.