Genoa Port Center - Educational and Exhibition Centre of the Port of Genoa

Liguria has returned to the "orange zone" from February 14. 
Therefore, as part of the measures to combat the covid-19 outbreak, the Museums and places of culture remain closed, and the exhibitions in these places are suspended, until further notice.


The Genoa Port Center is an exhibition and reception structure for the great public and young people in particular, to introduce them to the business community of the hub and to promote awareness on the economic and work-related role of the ports and of the maritime sector.

There are not only acquariums or museums and waterfronts to be seen from scenic sea tours, but also piers, warehouses, ships, port basins, shipyards, shipping units, tug boats, storage, maritime agencies and customs become themes to be discovered and places to be visited in the port. The aim is to explain various aspects of the economc life of the system and how it can benefit the general economy of Italy and Europe, with appropriate information for every target.
The headquarters of the Genoa Port Center is in the area of the Porto Antico and in the Magazzini del Cotone, first module, second floor.


The Genoa Port Center  is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am  to 2.30 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 2.30 pm to 6 pm
For more info: Tel. +39 010 2485790 

Useful information

Tel: +39 0102485790
metro: fermata San Giorgio

Opening days and hours:
sabato e domenica dalle 15.00 alle 19.00; dal lunedì al venerdì su appuntamento
The facility is accessible to the disabledNo pets allowedGenoa for kids