"No crib here is equal to another ... all differ in size, in wealth [...] Genoese nativity scenes are the joy of Christmas ... Christmas has not lost its original meaning here. It is only the celebration of childhood and hope for men of good will. The crib is the triumph of the Genoese: from Christmas day on, they go to visit them one after the other. They have three weeks to make their pilgrimage. [...] and the crowd parades incessantly in front of so much splendour ".

Thus wrote Henry Aubert, fascinated by the tradition of the nativity scene in Genoa and its surroundings.

Genoa, a city rich in history and culture, is deeply linked to its most ancient traditions. Known for its tradition of nativity, born around the beginning of the seventeenth century and developed incessantly and extraordinarily over the centuries, Genoa established itself, next to Naples, as one of the most active centres in the production of nativity figures.

The list of Genoese nativity scenes is full of authentic masterpieces; an immense heritage to be discovered and admired, paying attention to every detail, to every single detail.
To fully enjoy the magic of Christmas, do not miss the opportunity to "Go for Nativity Scenes"!
Monday 28, Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 December 2020, and Monday 4 January 2021, a guided tour will give you the opportunity to admire, in the company of a professional guide, some of the most evocative local nativity scenes.
There will be, in addition to the churches of the historic centre, stops and visits to historical places and shops where you can discover curiosities related to tradition and the Nativity.


A guided tour, in Italian and in English, to discover the tradition of Christmas nativity scenes in Genoa.



• Monday,  December 28th 2020 • Tuesday, December 29th 2020 • Wednesday,  December 30th 2020 • Monday, January 4th 2021 


The guided tour will start from the Tourist Information Centre, Via Garibaldi 12R; it is recommended to be there 15 minutes before the departure time.
Price: € 11,50 (radio guide included) – free for children up to 6 y.o.


The guided tours, organized by the Tourism Dept. of the Municipality of Genoa, take place in full compliance with the regulations in force regarding Covid 19 and the related sanitary provisions; therefore the following safety guidelines will be observed:
1. The visits will take place with a small number of participants (max 10/12 pax).
2. Participants must wear a mask and maintain physical distance. If they do not have a mask, they can buy it directly from the guide at the price of €0.50. Participants who do not wear the mask will not be allowed to join the tour.
3. At the time of departure, participants must pass by the meeting point for the temperature measurement, which must not exceed 37.5 °.
4. The guide will distribute a radio guide with disposable lanyard to each member of the group, a form to associate the user with the radio guide and to confirm acceptance of the "safe visits" procedures.
5.  In support of the radio guide, participants will be able to use their own headset (with wire and universal aux input - with jack connection) to be inserted into the device or, if not equipped, they can buy the headset directly from the guide at the price of € 2.50.
6. The purchase of the tour can be made online at the following address http://http://www.visitgenoa.it/en/store  and at the Tourist Information  Offices.
The products purchased will not be refunded in any way, and the refund can only be provided if the service cannot be provided for reasons directly attributable to the Municipality of Genoa.
It should be noted that in the event of a "red" meteo-hydrological alert, following the Mayor's ordinance, the tour is not guaranteed.


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Price: €11,50

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