Genoa’s Forts and Walls an Urban Park

A walk through nature and history.

Genoa’s charm, “superb for its men and for its walls” as Petrarch defined it 700 years ago, resides in a dramatically contrasting landscape and in the city’s many
faces: Genoa of sea and rocks, Genoa of old lanes and historical buildings, Genoa of hills and woods, Genoa of forts and city walls... Genoa the theatre: for at least 26 centuries the bay in the Old Port has acted as a natural stage, with hills rising up to close it in a sweet embrace forming the perfect set design. Up in the hills you are immediately immersed in a natural environment that is deeply Mediterranean but has sweet alpine scents: it is a landscape of trees, city walls, beautiful views, where the only sounds are those of the wind blowing over the grassy fields and birds flitting among the pine trees.