The funiculars: Principe - Granarolo and Righi - Zecca. |
Genova: le Strade Nuove e il sistema dei Palazzi dei Rolli iscritto nella Lista del Patrimonio mondiale UNESCO
Comune di Genova Comune di Genova

This easy itinerary can be completed via funicular, covering the heights that embrace Genoa's historic centre on a fascinating trip that combines history with beautiful views. The Granarolo funicular will take you to the old town of the same name, today a neighbourhood of the city, and an easy trip will take you back to the historic centre aboard the Zecca-Righi funicular.

The Zecca-Righi funicular is the longer of the two, covering a difference in height of 278 metres; the cableway was built between 1895 and 1897, and includes 7 stops, from the first in the valley in the heart of the historic centre to the upper end of the line that serves as a starting point for visits to the forts and the park of the walls.

The Principe-Granarolo funicular, meanwhile, is not a cableway but a cog railway, also created at the end of the 1800s on the initiative of a private company that intended to use it to promote the parcelling out of land located on the steep hill of Granarolo, a watershed between the city and the Polcevera valley torrent.
A cog railway is a railway system equipped with a third rail that engages with the teeth of a cog wheel mounted on the train: in Italian, it is known as a 'cremagliera' system, a neologism deriving from the French 'cremaillère', and is generally used for railway lines with steep slopes.

This itinerary allows you to observe what remains of the old walls, passing through meadows and patches of Mediterranean shrubland: in springtime, beautiful blossoms can also be admired.
A pleasant walk along one of the ancient paths that once linked the small villages of Genoa's high grounds leads to the attractive square beneath Forte Sperone, near the "casetta rossa" (red house), the park's environmental education centre. There is also a picnic area here.

From here, you can turn toward the forts and connect to one of the many paths of the Parco Urbano delle Mura, or descend towards Forte Castellaccio in the direction of the Righi funicular; the latter option will take you along the walls, offering beautiful views of the Bisagno Valley before descending to the Righi-Zecca funicular, aboard which you can return to the city.

The funiculars: Principe - Granarolo and Righi - Zecca.

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