Focaccia di San Giorgio (St. George’s Focaccia)

Focaccia di San Giorgio (St. George’s Focaccia): the name itself is a tribute to St. George’s flag, its red cross on white field, which is one of the main symbols of Genoese identity. It is a special version of the traditional focaccia, a real Liguria icon.

St. George’s Focaccia has been created by Genova World, a cultural association among professionals that collaborates with the Municipality of Genoa with a view to city promotion.  St. George’s Focaccia will be presented via a web preview on Thursday 30th April at 4 p.m. on the “Genova More than this” Facebook page (Italian version) and on the “Visit Genoa” Facebook page (English version).

The association, which also includes 4 Ambassadors of Genoa in the World, relied on the collaboration between ethno-gastronomy expert Umberto Curti and craft baker Manuel Carbone, with the support of allergist and ambassador Paola Minale

A special dough, made with high quality semi- wholemeal wheat flour, less refined, and long leavening – the output of, a liquid natural yeast that makes the focaccia fragrant and digestible.

The rich dressing of St. George’s Focaccia is a tribute of the regional capital to the territory and culture of every Ligurian provinces: prescinsêua (a dairy product obtained from curdled milk) and oregano represent Genoa and its province, while La Spezia is linked to anchovies (at their best in Monterosso. Potatoes from Bardineto and Calizzano (Val Bormida) pay homage to the province of Savona and the finishing touch comes from Imperia with its taggiasca olives.

Flavour, health and wellness, obtained with locally sourced products and produce (connected to blue&green economy), high quality flours, long leavenings and extra virgin olive oil.


A preview of Focaccia di San Giorgio is available here:


On April 30th, St.George’s Focaccia has been presented online, accompanied by Ligurian DOC or IGT wines and its recipe will be revealed and made available (subject to subscription of a specific protocol) to bakers and restaurant owners, pizzerias and agritourisms, sciamadde (blazes, typical shops with wood-fired ovens) and trattorias, willing to include this product in their menus. Thus, St. George’s focaccia will become “Genoa’s ambassador”.


Here is the event:

·         on Visit Genoa Facebook page (English language), with: Deputy Mayor for Tourism Laura Gaggero, Luisa Puppo (Genova World and Genoa City Ambassador), Genoa taste ambassadors in New York Roberto Caporuscio, Cesare Casella and Angelo Competiello who will sign the protocol of St. George’s focaccia; Roberto Costa,  ambassador of Genoese cuisine around the world, who will take part in the event with its famous restaurants in London and Miami, Genoese influencer Enrica Monzani (A Small Kitchen in Genoa); Enrico Contini (Genoa City Ambassador)

You can see the English presentation here

The Ambassadors of Genoa in the World are Genoese people who - for professional or personal reasons - live, work or are in close contact with foreign countries, and promote our city abroad.

Taste Ambassadors are three Italian chefs, who work in New York. Starting from last year they have been promoting the flavours of Genoese cuisine in the Big Apple.


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