• Paganini Genova Festival - III edition


Paganini Genova Festival - III edition

From 04.10.2019 (All day) to 27.10.2019 (All day)
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This year the “Paganini Genova Festival” is held in October, from the 4th to the 27th and includes great numbers: 17 concerts, 14 meetings and conferences, one study-day, guided tours in Paganini’s places, themed dinners and games for schools dedicated to the violinist.
The main purpose of the Festival is to spread the knowledge about Paganini’s human and artistic personality, which can be studied from different point and levels of analysis.
This new edition offers different strands. The meetings named Paganini per tutti are some appointments, whose aim is to explain the artist in biographical and violinst-technical terms, but also compared with his time; instead Paganini young includes some appointments studied and created by a group of young members, some graduated and others who are graduating, which from this year will collaborate with the Association. 
The scientific aspects will be touched during the Giornata di studi (Studies Day) on October 26th: this is a prologue to the re birth of the “Centre of International Studies about Paganini” on which they are currently working. 
As in the previous editions, the event is divided into two parts. The first one, Genova città di Paganini (Genoa, Paganini’s town), is scheduled for the days from October 4th to 18th, while the second one, Hommage a Paganini, takes place from October 21st to 27th. Four of the winners of the Paganini Award will arrive during this week: Ning Feng (2006), guest of the Carlo Felice’s Giovine Orchestra Genovese’s Season, Bin Huang (1994), Giovanni Angeleri (1997), Mengla Huang (2002), guest of the Carlo Felice’s symphonic season.
On October 27th highlight night on Paganini’s birth: Francesca Dego will play the Cannone at Carlo Felice, accompanied by the Theater’s Orchestra. 

The exhibition, which includes a prologue and an epilogue, was born from an agreement between Regione Liguria, Comune di Genova, Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice, Fondazione Hruby, Conservatorio Niccolò Paganini and Associazione Amici di Paganini.
The Festival has been realized thanks to the San Paolo’s Company’s support for the 2019 edition of the “Performing Arts"’ notice. With the Paganini Genova Festival, The Amici di Paganini’s Association became part of PERFORMING +, a project for the 2018-2020 three-year period launched by the San Paolo’s Company and by the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo with the collaboration of the Osservatorio Culturale del Piemonte, which aim is to increase the competences of the non-profit community who work to the live show in Piedmont, Ligure and Aosta Valley. 
Many associations and institutions also allowed to create a real network in the name of Paganini, and those are: Giovine Orchestra Genovese, Associazione Amici del Carlo Felice e del Conservatorio al Associazione Soroptimist, Festival Paganini di Parma e Festival Paganini di Carro.
For further infos, check the website Niccolò Paganini

Dal 22.11.2019 (All day) al 20.03.2020 (All day)
Dal 19.09.2019 (All day) al 24.09.2019 (All day)
Dal 21.06.2019 (All day) al 22.09.2019 (All day)
Dal 30.05.2019 (All day) al 31.10.2019 (All day)
Dal 01.01.2019 (All day) al 13.10.2019 (All day)

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