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Nervi, Riviera in the city. ALTER ECO

From 10.02.2018 (All day) to 28.10.2018 (All day)
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Discover the village of Nervi, with its stunningly beautiful landscapes, in a walking tour that from the marina will take you to the passeggiata – its picturesque promenade – historical parks and modern art museums; during olfactory walking tours, sniff your way through the fragrances of the paintings in the museum collections, as well as of plants and flowers in the parks; learn about ancient crafts and trades traditionally linked to sea-life and to the growing of local produce by attending experiential workshops encompassing both the sea and the hills; get the most picturesque views of Nervi’s amazing cliffs through outdoor sports.

Five different experiences, made possible by the European Alter Eco project, to immerse yoursel in the natural harmony of Nervi, while enjoying the scenery and life of the Riviera in the City, at a leisurely pace.

All activities are offered in Italian and English.


Arts and nature
Dal 10.02.2018 (All day) al 27.10.2018 (All day)

Guided walking tour through the beauties of Nervi: from the marina along the promenade overlooking the sea, up to the Parks and the Museums with a nature expert for the outdoor tour and an art historian for Raccolte Frugone, Galleria d’Arte Moderna and Wolfsoniana.
- When: 
February: 10, 17, 24
March: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
April: 1, 7, 14
May: 12, 19, 26
June: 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 23, 30
July: 5, 7, 14, 19, 21, 28
August: 2, 4, 11, 18, 23, 25;
September: 1, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 29
October: 6, 13, 20, 27
- Hours: from october to may 2.30 pm , from june to september 4.30 pm
- Duration:  2,30 hours
- Meeting point: Porticciolo di Nervi (Via Gazzolo)
- Price: € 13,00  person (free for children under 12)

- Ticket info: Galleria d'Arte Moderna - biglietteriagam@comune.genova.it - tel. +39 010 3726025 - IAT city center - IAT Porto Antico

Guided tours are confirmed even with bad weather

The scent of art
Dal 25.02.2018 (All day) al 28.10.2018 (All day)

Olfactory walking tour through the Museums (Raccolte Frugone and Galleria d’Arte Moderna) and the Parks, led by an art historian and a perfume expert, for an unusual discovery of olfactory links between the artworks and the flowers and plants in the Parks.

- When: 
February: 25
March: 25
May: 27
June: 24
July: 29
August: 15, 26
September:  30
October: 7, 28
- Hours: from october to may 3.00 pm , from june to september 5.00 pm
- Duration:  1,30 hours
- Meeting point: Galleria d'Arte Moderna
- Price: € 13,00  person (free for children under 12)

- Ticket info: Galleria d'Arte Moderna - biglietteriagam@comune.genova.it - tel. +39 010 3726025 - IAT city center - IAT Porto Antico


Tasting the sea
Dal 24.02.2018 (All day) al 20.10.2018 (All day)

Full immersion in ancient Ligurian crafts and trades traditionally linked to sea-life, listening to stories of fishermen, carpenters, woodcutters and line makers (cordanieri). The partecipants will learn firsthand how to brine anchiovies, preparing their own small jar, in the picturesque cave in the ancient Collegio Emiliani’s Darsena (dry dock).

- When: 
February: 24
March: 10 e 24
April: 7, 27 e 28
May: 4, 5, 12 e 26
June: 9 e 23
July: 7 e 21
August: 4 e 18
September: 8 e 22
October: 6 e 20
- Hours:  ore 10.30
- Duration: h. 2,30
- Meeting point: Collegio Emiliani,  Via Provana di Leyni, 15
- Price: 35 €  person (the price includes tastings of Ligurian wine and food, plus a jar of salted anchovies prepared by each participant). By reservation only.
- Tickets info: Associazione Storie di Barche, Roberto Guzzardi - storiedibarche@gmail.com - tel. +39 340 789 3160 / IAT citycenter - IAT Porto Antico - tel. +39 010 557 2903

The sea on the hill. Mediterranean scents and flavours
Dal 17.02.2018 (All day) al 27.10.2018 (All day)

Monthly meetings held at the Marsano Agricultural Institute (where Rodolfo Valentino studied) located on the hill of Sant’Ilario, just behind Nervi. Led by teachers and students, through tastings and intriguing stories, participants will be able to discover the secrets of synergistic vegetable gardens, the taste of Ligurian extra-virgin olive oil, the scents of aromatic herbs, citrus fruits and roses, ancient fruit and vegetable varieties, all magnificently illustrated in the authoritative book on fruit bearing trees Pomona Italiana by Giorgio Gallesio.

Trails of citrus fruits: 17  February e  17 March;
The farm on the hill: 14 April;
A paradise of scents: 19 May, 14 July and 13 October;
Organic paths, energy for sustainability: 16 June;
Vintage fruit, the fruit of the past: 25 August;
From the olive tree to oil, the taste of green gold: 15 September and 27 October;
- Hours:  ore 10
- Duration: h. 2,00
- Meeting point: Istituto Agrario Marsano
- Price: each workshop 15 € person
- Tickets info: Istituto Agrario Marsano, Prof. Marcello Maimone - marcello.maimone@fastwebnet.it  - tel.  +39 333 2363062

Water sports
Dal 01.03.2018 (All day) al 28.10.2018 (All day)

Either on the weekend or on midweek days, you can try out different sports in the Marina (Porticciolo di Nervi) at the local kayak school Lo Scalo and Nervi’s ITC Diving Centre. Untrained and proficient scuba divers and canoeists, adults and children alike, can experience the thrill of exploring the coast of the Genoese Riviera (where diving sports were first born) by kayaking, snorkelling or diving with a breathing apparatus, while discovering Nervi’s prehistoric cliffs, hidden coves, and ancient villas overlooking the sea.

Kayaking between sea and sky
In this two-day course, partecipants will learn how to steer a kayak on the first day, and on the following how to take it to sea on an escursion to discover the coast and the beauties of Nervi.

- When: midweek from march to october, by reservation only.
June to September on the following dates :
16 and  17 June
14 and 15 July
11 and 12 August
8 and 9 September
- Hours: 11am
- Duration: 2 hours first day + 2 hours second day
- Meeting point: Lo scalo, Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi 23
- Price: from 5 to 10 partecipants 70 €  person - 3/4 partecipants 90 €  person -  2 partecipants 110 €  person
- Ticket info: Lo scalo, Diego Tosarello - info@loscalo.it - tel. +39 333 485 3440

Discover Scuba Diving
Quick and easy beginners’ scuba diving class. Under direct supervision of a PADI instructor, participants will learn basic skills and safety information needed to scuba dive.
- When: from May to October, saturday and sunday.  By reservation only.
- Hours: 2.00 pm
- Duration: saturday 3 hours + (upon request) 1 hour dive on sunday
- Meeting point: Diving Nervi ITC, Via Gazzolo 32r
- Price: saturday 50 € per person / saturday + sunday 75 € per person
- Ticket info: Diving Nervi ITC, Tiziana Ravera - info@divingnervi.com - tel. +39 346 0659656

Discover Nervi by snorkeling

An inflatable boat trip along the coast of Nervi from the Marina to Scoglio del Cane in Capolungo with a snorkelling and swimming guide.
- When: midweek from May to October. By reservation only.
- Duration:  h. 3,00
- Meeting point:  Diving Nervi ITC, Via Gazzolo 32r.
- Price: 50 € per person, minimum 8, maximum 20 people. Other solutions upon request minimum 400 € . By reservation only
- Ticket info: Diving Nervi ITC, Tiziana Ravera - info@divingnervi.com - tel. +39 346 0659656

Dal 01.07.2019 (All day) al 31.08.2019 (All day)
Dal 24.05.2019 (All day) al 26.05.2019 (All day)
Dal 16.05.2019 (All day) al 18.05.2019 (All day)

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