Monster Festival

From 31.10.2018 (All day) to 04.11.2018 (All day)
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The Monster Festival (31st October - 4th November ) is an event dedicated to everyone! With attractions for all ages.

The Festival exploits the unique characteristics of the Genoese territory, transforming the Old Town into a magic labyrinth full of enigmas, shows, acrobats and wizards.

The Halloween imagery is turned upside down and re-interpreted by cute, cheerful, Pixar-looking monsters.

The event is realized with Tourist Tax resources.

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Facebook: Genova Monster Festival

Instagram: Genova Monster Festival

Below the complete program:


Wednesday, October 31st - from 5pm to 7pm, in S. Vincenzo Street: Kids Parade!

From October 31st to November 4th (plus October 27th and 28th) - at 3.30pm, at the Aquarium of Genoa: "Mostro Sarai tu" (Monster who ?!). An animation, included in the admission ticket price, to find out why some animals have a reputation as terrifying as unjustified.

From October 31 to November 4 - at 6 pm, in Dialogo nel Buio: "Caccia al tesoro pauroso" (Scary treasure hunt)
Try to find the pieces in the dark to make a monstrous mask!
Costs: € 8 children - € 10 adults. Minimum participants: 7 - Reservation needed.

Only on October 31st - from 9pm to midnight, in the historic center: Magic Labyrinth
The alleys of our city are transformed into a magical labyrinth with inside 3 routes to follow: the Wow tour, the Story tour and the Ghost tour.
- The Wow tour is a route with many circus shows in the historical center.
- The Story tour is a "mysterious" path, which needs a smartphone, and provides riddles to solve, interactions with actors and choices to make, which will change the end of the story. Who will complete the story will receive a prize linked to the main attractions of the city.
- The Ghost Tour is a path, active for over 20 years on the city, which tells through guided tours the legends of our territory.

Only on October 31st - starting from Midnight, at the Rds Stadium of Fiumara: DEEJAYTIME
A night of music with DEEJAYTIME by Radio Deejay together with Albertino, Molella, Fargetta and Prezioso.

Only on November 1st - at 4.30pm, in the Galata Museo del Mare: "Aiuto... zombi a bordo!" (Help... zombies on board!)
Activities for children of 5-11 years. On board of the Brigantine Anna, participants discover strange characters! Songs, stories and legends to listen and small objects to build and bring with them.
Cost of activity € 6. Minimum participants: 10 - Reservation needed.

From November 1st to November 8th - at 8.30pm, at the Auditorium of Strada Nuova - show "Cari mostri" (Dear monsters)
It's the theatrical adaptation of the book "Cari Mostri" by Stefano Benni, organized by the "Interno 19" association.
We are used to fear monsters. We enclose our fears within the word "monster". "Dear monsters" is a sketch collection that offers a panoramic view on different species of fear and a certainty: the best way to scare away fears is to make them laugh!

Only on November 2nd - at 6.30 pm, at the Theater Museum of the Commenda di Prè - "Visita con il fantasma della Commenda" (Visit with the ghost of the Commenda)
Friar Guglielmo returns from the Middle Ages to unveil the secrets of one of the oldest structures in Genoa ...
Guided tour of the structure with a guide in historical costume.
Cost of activity € 6. Minimum participants: 10 - Reservation needed.

Only on November 2nd - at 8.30pm, at the "518 Galata Museo del Mare" - Aperimonster: an aperitif with Monster-themed music on the terrace of the Galata Museo del Mare.

Only on November 2nd - at 8.30pm / 10.30pm, at the Aquarium of Genoa - "Un Acquario da brivido" (A Shivering Aquarium)
A theatrical animation in Aquarius (on payment). As darkness falls, the bravest can meet Jack Patella's ghost and listen to his stories!
Only on November 3rd - at 3.30pm, in the Galleria di Palazzo Spinola - "Fantasmi e Fantasmini" (Ghosts and Little Ghosts)
Workshop dedicated to children.

Only on November 3rd - in the evening, in Piazza Matteotti: FLASHMONSTER
A big FLASHMOB dedicated to the city, in collaboration with many city dance schools, on the notes of Michael Jackson's timeless hit "THRILLER". The dancers, masked, will perform the choreography with all the public, for a guaranteed scenic effect.
The choreography will be available on video on monster channels starting from the beginning of October.
Then there will be a free music party in the square until midnight.

Only on November 3rd - from 9 pm, at the Aquarium of Genoa - "Una notte con gli squali" (A night with sharks)
An extra-ordinary adventure for children 7-11 years that will allow the participants to discover the nocturnal behavior of the animals and sleep face to face with the fish. The adventure starts at 9pm. A night-time guided visit to the Aquarium is planned, as well as a special animation activity dedicated to "Sea Monsters", and the preparation of the beds in front of the shark tank and overnight accommodation in a sleeping bag. The experience ends the day after with the visit of some pools and breakfast. Minimum participants: 25.  A fantastic and unique gift for boys and girls who love adventure and nature!

Only on November 3rd - starting at midnight, at the Casa Mia Club - RST MONSTER
The RST EVENTS party dedicated to Monster within the club of residence.

The Monster Festival ends on Sunday 4 November with some of the aforementioned events.

Dal 24.04.2021 (All day) al 09.05.2021 (All day)
Dal 22.10.2020 (All day) al 01.11.2020 (All day)
Dal 10.10.2020 (All day) al 11.10.2020 (All day)
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Dal 01.07.2020 (All day) al 31.08.2020 (All day)
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