Discover Genoa in spring; seaside and outdoor city

In Genoa, spring is lived outdoors. Enjoy the first sun surrounded by its wonderful landscapes!
Panoramic views and ancient seaside villages, small beaches and rocks, beach resorts and stolen glimpses between a palace and a church, the Porto Antico and the promenades dating back to the early 1900s: Genoa and the sea have always had a close relationship.
Explore the sea bottom from the East to the West of Genoa, using your flippers; go out in a canoe, paddle in a kayak or use the wind to fill the sails and run along the coast.
Go to Porto Antico, catch the ferries and enjoy a panoramic tour of the harbor, of the coast or  a whale watching excursion. Moreover, if you are in Porto Antico from 24th to 26th of May don’t miss the amazing “Festa dello Sport”.
Climb the hills, where the view is majestic, and discover running and hiking routes through fortresses and woods. Discover the historic Aqueduct, ride a mountain bike or explore the adventure parks. Find out all the excursions and experiences on Visitgenoa.
This spring give yourself a weekend of emotion, discover Genoa seaside and outdoor city!

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