Dialogue in the Dark

To cope with the health emergency the museum will be closed to the public from 5th November 2020 until further notice.

Dialogue in the Dark is an extraordinary multi-sensory journey that unwinds in a total absence of light through real settings and situations encountered in daily life: in small groups accompanied by a blind guide, visitors undertake a trip of 45 minutes in total darkness to experience a new way of "seeing" their surroundings, relying exclusively on their senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste.

The Dialogue in the Dark experience is centred around the role of the visually-impaired guides, and offers not only a chance for interaction between the sighted and non-sighted, cannot, but also an important work placement opportunity for people with impaired vision.

Genoa has thus joined the network of 21 cities hosting the event around the world, the others being Milan, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Moscow, Holon (Israel), Kuala Lumpur, Hyderabad (India), Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei (China), Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Chengdu (China), Mannheim (Germany) and Athens.

Dialogue in the Dark is sponsored by major local institutions - the Region of Liguria, the Province of Genoa, the City of Genoa and the Port Authority of Genoa - and is supported by major companies operating in the area.

Dialogue in the Dark is now located on the barge moored in the Darsena area of the port, donated by the Fincantieri shipbuilding company to the Istituto David Chiossone Onlus foundation for the blind and the visually impaired.

For information on prices and schedules, please visit the organisation's website.

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