Genoa is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. Average yearly temperatures are around 11° C in January and 27° C in August. The climate is Mediterranean, temperate, and without wide fluctuations in temperature. The average annual temperature range between maximum and minimum temperatures is just 5.4 degrees Celsius, one of the smallest ranges in all of Italy. In general, rainfall is heaviest during the months of October and November, totalling an average of 1,300 mm annually. The sea reaches a depth of 1,000 metres about twenty kilometres from the coast. It is mostly calm, with a tidal range of 30 cm, and warm on the surface: in September, the temperature is about 23° C. The following table shows the maximum and minimum temperatures for each month of the year:





January 11,1 6,1
February 11,8 6,6
March 14,1 8,8
April 16,7 11,3
May 20,4 15,0
June 23,8 18,3
July 26,7 21,1
August 27,0 21,3
September 24,1 18,3
October 20,0 14,7
November 15,1 10,2
December 12,0 7,1


(Data Centralina Storica di via Balbi, Università di Genova DISTAV)


The weather forecast provided by the ARPAL (Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Liguria) is updated daily.

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