A city to be experienced through outdoor activities

An authentic capital of hurban trekking, to be discovered alone or with others, a city to be experienced through outdoor activities, with a mediterranean climate, that usually grants mild weather. From its steep creuze, the typical pedestrian hills, made with red briks, that from the city centre wound steeply up to the districts on the hills and even higher, from the sea to the mountains. From the sea promenades overlooking the sea and the Porto Antico to the path through the historic Aqueduct, and through the Parco Urbano delle Mura and its historic fortifications, that protectd the city for centuries and that still surrounded it. And its historic centre, one of the widest in Europe: a labyrint of narrow alleys and little squares where it is easy to get lost, and get one’s bearing again and then get lost once again. Be charmed by the beauty of their palaces, UNESCO heritage and tempt by the smell of its typical cuisine, coming from the ancient sciamadde (blazes, typical shops with wood-fired ovens) and the traditional food shops, that can be considered a sort of street food, born in Genoa even before this word was created.

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