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A fabulous "balcony" suspended over the Historic Centre with a 360° view out over the city and the port. Riding up to it in the Art Nouveau lift is an enchanting experience.

"When I decide
to go to heaven
I'll go in the elevator
of Castelletto…"
(Giorgio Caproni, from "The Elevator")

From here visitors can admire the rooftops made of slate, a traditional local material, as well as mediaeval towers and Baroque domes; in the distance, the sea comes alive with both modern ships and ancient memories

The high grounds form a backdrop dotted with parks, villas and sanctuaries and crowned with the city’s forts.

Until 1849, the fortress of Castelletto stood in the place of this magnificent overlook, before being razed to the ground by public demand, as it was deemed a menace to the city below in the event of enemy occupation.

In 1910, when Alinari photographs popularised its beauty, the esplanade/overlook of Castelletto joined the list of Genoa's must-see wonders. It can be reached both via the scenic Circonvallazione a Monte bypass (laid out in the second half of the 20th century, halfway up the hills) and by the splendidly preserved Art Nouveau lift that rises from Piazza Portello, a stone's throw from the Strada Nuova.

Belvedere Montaldo (Spianata Castelletto)

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