Genova Official guide

The "Genova Official Guide" application for iPhone and iPad is now available from the Apple Store and for Android on Google Play as a free download in Italian and English.

The Genova Official Guide app is a wellspring of information, featuring:

  • a guide to the city's tourist attractions:  historic buildings, museums, churches, and the most important sites of historic and artistic interest, in 170 fact sheets with 440 colour photos
  • four tailor-made tourist routes, providing information on and insight into the various stops along the way
  • the possibility of downloading the "Genova Audio Tour" in six languages at the discounted price of € 3,59, to tour the old town independently, with a detailed commentary, produced by professional guides
  • a complete, comprehensive directory to the services available to visitors, including how to reach Genoa, how to move about the city, where to sleep, where to eat, where to shop, guided tours, IAT tourist offices, etc.
  • an Events section with an automatic feed of updates provided by individual news "producers"
  • the "My Trip" section which allows users to save places of interest and create a personalised trip itinerary that they can share on facebook Geolocation, allowing users to visualize attractions and services located