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  • Exhibition "Anni Venti in Italia: L'età dell'incertezza"

  • Rolli Days - Palazzi UNESCO - October 2020

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From 23.05.2019 13:00 Bis 12.09.2019 22:00
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Days full of initiatives start at D'Albertis' Castle with the every Thursday opening night : this summer will give the public an engaging and immersive experience.

Listening to the life and adventures of d'Albertis Captain, discovering the secrets hidden by the Castle, watching the sunset staying in a historical park in the heart of the city.  In summer you can!

From May 23rd to September 12th 2019, every Thursday, the D’Albertis' Castle's Museum of World Cultures joins the initiative Museum open in the summer nights, so you can visit it also in the evening.
It will be a unique opportunity to admire the Castle's beauty under the moonlight. 

The Museum of World Cultures will be open from 1.00 pm to 10.00 pm, with a promotional 4,50€ reduced ticket, while from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm the park anche the coffee shop will be open, where you could book for an appetizer from 6.00 pm until the closing time a the Bonton Bistrot: 8,00 € for the classic appetizer, 12,00 € for the reinforced one or to dine with a la carte menu.

Don't miss:
- at 7.00 pm
visit for families “Il Capitano d’Albertis e le sue entusiasmanti imprese”  (The exciting ventures of D'Albertis Captain): 6,00 €,

- at 8.30 pm
visit “I segreti del Castello”  (The secrets of the Castle): 6,00 € each person.
Every Thursday a different subject will be addressed to reveal some peculiarities of the Castle and some curiosities about his owner: you need to book the visits by calling the phone number 010 2723820.
This initiative includes entrance and guided tour and it is curated by the "Cooperativa Solidarietà e Lavoro".


Phone: 010 2723820
E-mail: castellodalbertis@comune.genova.it; castellodalbertis@solidarietaelavoro.it
Opening time for park and coffee shop from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm
Opening time for the museum from 1.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Entrance costs 4,50€

At 7.00 pm visit for families “Il Capitano d’Albertis e le sue entusiasmanti imprese”  (The exciting ventures of D'Albertis Captain): 6,00 €,
At 8.30 pm visit “I segreti del Castello”  (The secrets of the Castle): 6,00 € each person, with reservation at the phone number 0102723820

From 6.00 pm you can have an appetizer at the Bonton Bistrot where you can choose between the 8 € appetizer/ 12 € reinforced one/ a la carte menu dinner.

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